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Firstly, Why Service Apartment?

Calling it a day, after all that busy schedule is a blessing on its own! And to be served is the best feeling, on top of it!
Corporate accommodations or a temporary residency for shelter, serviced apartments are the best option, offering more space, and with the best of housekeeping, comfort and freedom than a traditional hotel. For business travellers, serviced apartments offer the technology needed, the accommodations and enough space necessary to accomplish your goals. Feel like a Boss, for real! The residence may be temporary but the experience is permanent! Enjoy comfort to the fullest!


Our vision can be put forth as becoming the leading hospitality management in Chennai, by building profitable brands to compete in domestic markets. StayEasy’s service apartments are built, with the motive of satisfying the needs of travellers. As a part of Isha Homes brands,StayEasy futuristically aims at targeting the business & leisure travellers, and serve them with the best of hospitality.


StayEasy aims at surpassing customer and owner expectations by bringing to them, effectively and efficiently managed serviced apartments, with high class standards. We will use our principal assets “Our Team”, well drafted processes, disciplined service philosophy, signature hygiene and healthy food and beverage outlets, which will set a benchmark in the industry. Stay Easy will establish a niche for itself in the service apartment business, with quality and class.

Core Values

Integrity: “Honesty is the best policy” is what we believe in. We will be fair and honest in our business dealings with colleagues, business partners and our customers.This will remain to help us maintain absolute decorum.

Innovation: We will always be researching new and creative ways to improvise our services and offerings, in a cost effective manner to delight our customers and expand our base.


As we always say, our biggest asset is the people that we have in our Team. We believe in them and spend as much time and energy as possible to train and empower them to not only deliver exemplary service to our customers, but to also help our staff grow and shine bright, along with us on our journey to success.